Research projects

The main focus of my current work is centred on investigating the role of hierarchy in problems involving structural optimisation. Typically it is found in nature that load bearing structures have different architectures on different length scales that culminate in high mechanical efficiency. The trabecular bone serves as a prime example of this and is the inspiration for much of my research. Other examples include ammonite suture lines (although, the hierarchy causing mechanical efficiency is debated), nacre, gecko toe pads and many others.

In particular, I, with collaborators, have focused on self-similar designs. Through taking one structural pattern, repeating in on different length scales and optimising the resulting structure, we have found that in many different loading conditions hierarchy leads to high mechanical efficiency.

Other research projects that I am involved with include using elastic failure to bring about benificial properties within a material, problems of random packing, and the role of imperfections in the strength of materials.

Academic jobs

9.2015 - present
Academy of Finland Postdoctoral researcher. Working within the group of Olli Ikkala on the project “Hierarchical, bioinspired geometries for efficient, robust materials”
10.2012 - 9.2015
Aalto Science Intitute Aalto Science Fellow.
5.2008 - 5.2012
Graduate student at University of Nottingham Physics department. Supervised by Yong Mao and Rob Farr.